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Jamel Baines is an Entrepreneur, Film and TV Producer, Actor and Author, living and working in Los Angeles, California. Born in Brooklyn, New York. Before his move to the golden state, he used his New York state of mind to help guide others in their business starts ups. He has also used his expertise to customize events, cast talent and produce television content. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work with numerous prominent Directors, Actress, Models, Singers, and other Entertainment Industry professionals. Today many Creative Artists can credit Jamel in pointing them in the right direction and their current success.

This focus on the entertainment Industry began with Jamel working as a VJ in New York City, While here, he gained valuable experience in production and on-air interviewing. During his time as a VJ, Jamel dominated the Red Carpet as a Host to many Celebrity packed events. Outside of his work on the Red Carpet, Jamel has produced and hosted a Documentary, which was viewed by millions from all around the world. Due to the success of the Documentary, Jamel was invited to speak on a panel of Authors, hosted by the prestigious Yale University.

Throughout the years, Jamel Baines has been a go to source for all things business and entertainment related. Now working as an Actor and Producer, he hopes to reach an even larger audience.  With an ever growing need to influence and empower, Jamel also serves as an Original Content Creator with YouTube and has over 3 millions views. Through his years as a Start Up Expert, Creator, Socialite Guru, Host, Producer, and experienced veteran in the Entertainment Industry, Jamel has been able to humbly accomplish many of his goals. Determined to reach optimal success, he's nowhere near being done with his quest. With his influence and years of expertise, Jamel aims to create connections that will open new doors of opportunity for not only himself, but others as well.


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